1) Do you take donations to your collection?
Yes. Donations are considered on a case-by-case basis by our Collection Department. Film and video material, e.g. movies and television programs, are not collected by the Museum. View "Donating" in the Collection section of this website for more information.

2) Why is the Museum located in Astoria?
The Museum was established in Astoria because it is historically tied to the site of the Astoria Studio. View "Museum History" for more information.

3) I would like the Museum to consider showing my work. What process should I follow?
The Museum’s film department programs all public screenings in the two theaters and off-site Museum screenings. Before sending any materials, please make an initial inquiry by sending an email to info@movingimage.us. Invitation-only private screenings (for which no admission may be charged) may be arranged by sending an email to bghacker@movingimage.us.

4) Is there a way to purchase or borrow a DVD of presidential campaign ads from The Living Room Candidate?
The Museum is able to present more than 500 presidential campaign commercials from 1952 through 2008 in streaming video format on its website for no fee. At this time the Museum cannot distribute this material on DVD or other video formats for private or educational use.

5) Does the Museum allow private events such as birthday parties?
The Museum is available for private events including corporate gatherings, conferences, receptions, screenings, and birthday parties. For more information, please view the "Private Events" section of this website.

6) Does the Museum take volunteers and/or interns?
Yes. Volunteers and interns are accepted throughout the year to assist in many different departments at the Museum. In addition, the Museum has a paid summer internship program. View the "Volunteering" and "Internships" pages of this website for more information.

7) Does the Museum allow commercial photography or filming in its building?
Requests for location shoots are considered on a case-by-case basis. A fee will be charged. The best day for a commercial shoot is Monday, when the Museum is closed to the public. For further information and to fill out an application, please contact the Museum’s Public Information Office at pr@movingimage.us.